Online Password Manager

Access your passwords, notes and files conveniently from any computer, anywhere. No need to remember passwords for everysite, PasswordPal will securely keep this data organized.

Online Password Manager

Store unlimited amount of Passwords


Store unlimited amount of Notes


Save up to 100 files 1024KB big

Online Password, Notes & File Storage

PasswordPal provides a secure online service for storage of private data, such as passwords, notes, documents and other hard to remember information. Our service will be useful for people who are tired of all those notes with confidential information scattered over their desk space. PasswordPal will securely keep this data organized and best of all, you can get access from anywhere in the world.
Whether you are at home or work, you'll have access to all of your passwords, or if travelling overseas, you will be able to store copies of your passport and travel documents.


256-bit SSL Connection - All traffic between your computer and our servers are encoded using 256-bit key and cannot be seen by anyone.
Triple-DES Encryption - All private data (passwords, notes, files etc.) are encoded using Triple-DES, powerful cryptographic algorithm.


You can store passwords, notes and documents (driver license, insurance numbers etc). You also can upload any files (eg photocopy of your passport, travel documents) and other kinds of documents which will be useful if you don't have access to original ones.

How Much?

For a basic account, we offer this service free of charge, with the basic account you'll be able to save four passwords, four notes and four files. If however you would like to sign up for an unlimited account, the charge is then $5.95 per year or $49.95 for our lifetime plan.
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Your Security

The security of your confidential data is important to us, all data is encrypted using Triple-Des encryption algorithm. Triple DES encryption system works only one way meaning that all data can only be accessed by the owner of the encryption key (your password).
We also monitor all login attempts to your account, if you (or someone else) enters the wrong password three times, your account will be immediately deactivated and an email will be sent to the account holder. Only the account holder will be able to reactivate their account again.
More information about security can be found here.

Two-Step Verification now has extra security for your account. If you like, you can now enable two step verification with the Google Authenticator app. Just login to your account to enable this feature. More details can be found here: FAQ Authentication.

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