FAQ - Two Step Verification

Two Step Verification adds an additional layer of security to your PasswordPal.net account. By enabling two step verification on your account you are requiring that an extra code, which can only be generated by an app on your mobile device, be entered when you login to PasswordPal.net. Google Authenticator sends you a short 6 digit numeric code on your mobile device to enter when you sign in along with your email and password. Each code has a one-time use, and a new code will regenerate every 30 seconds.

The Google Authenticator app needs to be installed on your mobile device in order to set up two step verification for your PasswordPal account.

Download the Google Authenticator app (or Authenticator app for Windows) from the following stores:

To setup Google Authenticator in PasswordPal:

  • Login to your PasswordPal account.
  • On the My Account page, scroll down to 2 step verification and click edit.
  • Click Enable Verification.
  • Open your Google Authenticator app, and scan your secret key or manually enter it into the app.
  • Enter the 6 digit code from the app into the Test Code field and click Test Code to verify it is working.

Two Step Verification can be used every time you sign in to PasswordPal, after entering your login credentials from the login page you will then be prompted to enter a 6 digit code from Google Authenticator, each code has a one time use.

To use Two Step Verification

  • Go to the PasswordPal Login page.
  • Enter your PasswordPal email and password, click Log In.
  • Open Google Authenticator on your mobile device, and then enter your 6 digit Google Authenticator code into the PasswordPal two step verification page.
  • Click Verify

Two Step verification can be disabled from your PasswordPal My Account page. Click on edit and then click Remove Verification.

If you lose your phone or can't login to your account, please click here to de-activate Two Step verification.